Services offered by print shops

Print shops offer a huge range of services but it will depend on the shop owner and the market as well as the demographic that they must cater to. Their services are usually divided into preprinting services, printing services and binding services. Many print shops have self-service.

What Service is Offered by Print Shops?

Preprinting services usually include information that will help the print shop to do their work as quickly as possible such as plans including graphics and the general structure of books, leaflets and more. Customers can send emails or CDs, DVDs or flash memory cards. Services usually include colour as well as black and white scanning. Files are then saved carefully and are archived.

Other printing services are varied but can include letterheads, envelopes, business cards, labels, brochures, newsletters, tickets, customized notebooks, postcards, stamps, tags, invitations for parties such as weddings, folders, pamphlets, labels, and personalized clothing or stationery.

Binding services are also a way for print shops to offer more services to their customers. Some of the things they offer include bookbinding, book creation, stitching, collation, folding, stapling cutting and trimming, rounding, drilling, padding, numbering, perforation and shrink wrapping.

Quick and emergency printing is a very reliable service for people that have broken their printers or don’t have access to it. Print shops have everything available to do their jobs in a hurry.

Print shops give people complete control over their printing. Some brand awareness reveals that Self-service is available in many places. Some shops that offer this are usually larger companies. Customers can make copies, scan, print and fax documents by using a USB or emailing it from a phone or computer. Some shops also allow people to access the cloud.

Some customers are unaware of how much can be achieved at a print shop. It is good to know that printing services can be accessed quickly by using self-service or talking to staff.