Print Marketing Strategies

Print marketing can play a very important role in the success of a business. Some may think that that print marketing does not hold as much power as it once did because of the Internet. However, business people thinking this way could be putting their business at risk. Print Shops that focus on providing printed marketing materials play an important role in the business world. Businesses have to have a marketing strategy that is includes print marketing. This goes beyond just having a simple brochure or business cards.

The Responsibilities

Both the business owner embarking on a print marketing campaign as well as the Print Shop have distinct responsibilities. These must be clearly understood at the beginning of any print marketing project.

Business Owners Responsibility

The business owner must develop the marketing plan for the print material. In order to do this, a clear objective must be set. The business owner must know who their target market is. By knowing this they are able to decide which type of print material is going to be best suited for the particular project at hand. This may be through the use of hard copy materials or merchandise printing. Either way, the mandate is to capture the attention of the intended user of the printed material. The copy that will be used in the printed material is also the business owner’s responsibility. Part of this content should include some form of a call to action. However if one is using the print material for brand building then this may not be necessary. It is critically important that the business owner understands what marketing tactics have to be implemented. In some cases, it may be worth hiring a marketing professional to undertake the project at hand.

The Print Shop’s Responsibility

The Print Shop’s responsibility will vary depending on the level of service that the company offers. Some Print Shops have professional designers on staff. This may mean that the business owner does not have to provide the images that they want used in a particular form of marketing material. However, most often it will be the business owner that has to provide this to the Print Shop.

The Print Shop also has the duty to inform the business owner of what the available options are. Most often the business owner will not be aware of what choices they have and which would be best for their project. The Print Shop are professionals in this area and they should be in a position where they can offer their suggestions.

There are many different professionals that can be found at a Print Shop depending on the size of the business itself. Large Print Shops often have print production planners. These are the individuals that are responsible for the entire printing process from start to finish. This planner will control the print job through organisation and monitoring. Most often the print planner has a higher level of education within the industry. Some of the education qualifications are studies in business as well as graphic communications. They may also have included in their studies print media management as well as print production. There are courses available that they can take that will prepare them for a career in positions that need to be filled in the Print Shop.